A Little History…


The Midstate Trail came together in its present form around the late 1970s. For many years prior to this, several short trails had been in use in the general area where the Midstate Trail currently traverses. In the 1920s, a complete trail existed from Mt. Wachusett to Mt. Watatic however, this trail fell into disuse over the years. Around 1972, the Worcester County Commissioners proposed to create a trail across the entire county. They appointed a Citizen’s Advisory Committee for Trails. Later, after this committee splintered, a group of dedicated people formed the Midstate Trail Committee to plan the actual route and to work on its construction. Some of the Committee’s members belonged to the Worcester section of the Green Mountain Club, which encouraged the project.

Throughout the 1980s, the Green Mountain Club and many volunteers worked hard to bring the Midstate Trail to life. Their vision has resulted in a great feat of recreation that can take you, the runner, through some of the finest territory in Central Massachusetts. Few people, however, have dedicated themselves to the inception of the Trail as much as the late Lester Vielle, the late Bob Humes, Bob Eaton and Stan Whitman. Bob Elms and Rolf Larsen later continued this dedication. Their extraordinary commitment and drive was greatly responsible for making the Midstate Trail a reality.

Today, the Midstate Trail Committee, under the auspices of the Worcester chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, continues the administration and maintenance of the Trail. The Committee is augmented by a larger group of resident volunteer maintainers, who, like you, are invaluable to the survival of the Midstate Trail. Both AMC and GMC local chapters are assisting with recruitment of maintainers. The Committee welcomes anyone willing to help maintain a part of this “close to home” trail. The Department of Environmental Management has provided support, map printing, and publicity over the years.

Course Maps

The 100M race starts at Windblown Cross Country Ski Area in New Ipswwich, NH and heads south towards Mt. Watatic. There will be no shortage of stunning views as you navigate the elevations of both Mt. Watatic and Wachusett at the height of New England foliage season. Our course has been certified by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) and has been awarded 5 qualifying points that can be applied towards entry into Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) - one of the pinnacles of ultra trail events!

The 50M race will start at DCR Rutland Lond Pond and the 30M race will start at Baypath Regional High School.

Aid Stations (AS) will be located at designated locations along the course route. Each AS will provide runner food, water, port-o-johns, and medical support. Some locations will feature a broader food selection depending on the community organization that is running it. A complete list of food items that will be served along the course will be provided at least 2 weeks before race day.

Click here for Aid Station Locations

Aid Stations

The Open and Close times for the Aid Stations are based on the projected arrival times of runners which are based on both your start time and projected pace.  We’ve built in margins into these times in order to accommodate runners who may be running  faster or slower than what they have projected (+/- 2 minutes/mile).  

The Cut-Off time for the race will be Closing Time for each Aid Station.  You must arrive before this time in order to continue. Click on the links below to see the current timing charts for each race.

Course Timing/ Cut-offs